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What is the difference between Remy hair and non-Remy hair?

REMY HAIR - The cuticles of REMY hair run in the same direction, as in the natural property of a healthy person. REMY hair is used to make very high quality wigs and hair extensions. REMY hair has the most natural feel and luster. REMY hair maintains its feel and luster, is almost completely tangle-free and wears much longer than NON-REMY hair.

NON-REMY HAIR – (also known as cuticle free hair) The roots and ends of non-Remy hair are mixed, hence the cuticles run in different directions. In order to utilize this dead and fallen hair, the cuticles have to be removed first, thus chemically altering the hair. Non-Remy hair does not have the luster or silkiness of Remy hair, and is prone to tangling and matting over a period of time.

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